Linda gritta ART

Many years and several life chapters later, Linda decided to devote herself to that childhood wish in earnest and since then has never looked back. It is with newfound energy and eagerness that she faces each new canvas, almost as someone who is making up for lost time.

Linda finds "unspeakable beauty" all around, so she lets the paint speak for her where words leave off. She delights in both representational and abstract subjects.  Whether using acrylics, oil paints or mixed media, she creates a visual vocabulary in her paintings that is personal and yet somehow universal.

"Color is my endless delight and constant challenge. It's the relationship of mark to mark, color to color that draws me in and keeps me searching.  It's that push-pull of intuition and intellect, chaos and balance, control and surrender that we see all around us in nature that I can't resist when I'm painting...

It is my hope that the paintings I make might offer you, the viewer, a jumping-off place; a reason to slow down, a chance to leave the mundane for the mysterious, even for just a few moments".

Originally from Chicago, Linda has won several Best in Shows and has exhibited in North and South Carolina and New York City. Her work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. She is represented by Serena & Lily, Sausalito, California, and Libby Silvia ArtStyle in Boston, Massachusetts.

"One day, as a wide-eyed 7-yr-old standing tip-toe at the Art Institute of Chicago with my nose inches from Seurat's magnificent sea of tiny painted dots on 'Sunday Afternoon sur la Grande Jatte', I felt the first inkling that I would grow up to be an artist".